Monday, May 19, 2008

Moving the blog

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back to our regular programming....

I really hope things are back to normal. In December I found out my pap smear was abnormal -- that led to multiple biopsies including a surgery the end of January. Everything is apparently okay, but training was on a hiatus til 2 weeks post-op, i.e. nothing til last Thursday.

Thursday Mel and I went for a short easy early morning run. Saturday I went for an easy run with Dave (well, he ran off ahead of me, which was fine as it was planned). Sunday we had a lovely easy bike ride in Long Beach, starting at the Queen Mary and riding to and around the Naples area of Long Beach then back to the Queen Mary.

Monday morning Dave and I went to the track to calibrate our Polar foot pods (my HRM had disappeared some weeks(?) ago and I replaced it Sunday -- these simple words do nothing to express my utter dismay, especially as there were a few workouts that didn't get downloaded) and do our runs.

This was also the beginning of my training plan from Phase IV -- I was supposed to do an easy 30 min run, so I ran/walked another 16 min or so after my (yes, very slow) guestimated 14 min mile time from my (entirely run, no walk breaks, yes, I already said really slow) mile calibration.

Today I did a long slow distance run of 4 miles, starting at the house and eventually ended up down by the beach (which means the latter mile of the run was mostly walked to keep my heartrate in the required range, since the majority of that last mile is uphill).

The goal for this period of base training is to keep my HR between 123-150 average while running. It used to be that ANY running would boost my HR to, say, 180; at least now I can run and have it lower than that, but to keep it in that 123-150 range....let's say it's no problem if I'm running even slightly downhill, but even on flats it's hard for me to run slow enough to keep it in that range.

I'll get better, I have before, it's just really frustrating to know how much in better shape I was a year ago, how much I lost in the past 6 months.

Of course the current theory is that this time last year I was overtraining, which probably led to my immune system being suppressed, which led to me being sick all fall, and very likely even the abnormal Pap.

My current training plan is expressly designed to prevent me from overtraining.

Balance. I will find balance.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Starting anew

Well, 2007 had its high points (finishing Barb's Race, a few PRs earlier in the season) and its low points (being sick most of the fall, having some bad races at the end of the season).

I've rearranged some stuff on the sidebar and will be updating planned races etc for 2008.

Monday, November 12, 2007

November Update

Wow, an update. I've not fallen off the face of the earth.

My training has gone all to hell, between being sick on & off, the recent fires, etc.

Malibu: survived, first time I've not PR'd in a race I'd done before. Could've been worse though.

La Jolla: what a neat course. Too bad my right knee decided to feel like it was going to fall apart halfway through and I had to hobble and limp downhill. I would do this again, though. I love these trail run events.

Boney Mountain: postponed til Jan 12th because of the fires that week it was originally scheduled.

Solvang Prelude: did about 40 miles. The first part through Ballard Canyon or whatever is my favorite. I wish the whole ride was like that.

Turkey Trot: upcoming (duh). This is always a fun one -- straight uphill for the first mile or so then I get to do my mountain goat imitation down the hill (assuming my knee holds up).

Pasadena Half: upcoming. The way training's been (not) going it may be a nice 3+ hour walk.

Vineman 70.3 2008: Dave, Mel and I have all registered. My 'A' race for next year. Motivation to come up with a training plan and submerge myself into at least my running/biking base training, and to get myself back in the gym lifting for this winter.

Swimming training is on hold for a couple of months for two reasons, the primary, valid-excuse one being I'm in the middle of getting my mountain lion tat on my back. The other main reason is identifying where I'm going to swim.

We quit our 24 Hour Fitness memberships (well, they're on hold) because we just hadn't been going. I'm working a lot in Long Beach and can swim at the Belmont Shores pool (site of the 1984 LA Olympics swimming events (?)) before work or possibly at lunch -- though I can't plan on the latter because it seems unscheduled crap always happens (emergencies, surgeries etc) on those days I fully intended on swimming. (So, yes, I just need to get my ass out of bed & into the car & heading over early so I can swim.)

Other races for next year: I'll do Malibu and Breath of Life again. We're on the fence about Wildflower. I love it, Dave hates it. Paso Robles also has a big bicycle rally/ rides in May, so that may be fun instead. We'll do all the local XTerra trail runs we can. Superbowl Redondo 10k. Chesebro half? That's after spring break (which is going to be the Big Island of Hawaii) and after our yearly Yosemite trip.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Malibu is this weekend and I've been sick for about a week. This sucks.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Half an Ironman

Yep, finished, close to last, but finished. I signed up as Athena so I'm not listed with the bulk of the participants (pun intended, ha).

The bike course is absolutely gorgeous, one of the nicest if not nicest I've done in a race. The swim was pleasant. The run was pretty but it was so hot!

Everyone, race participants and volunteers alike, were all incredibly friendly and supportive.

Dave was jealous he didn't get to do it, so we're seriously thinking about doing the half Vineman next summer.

I feel like my season is over already even though Malibu is coming up in about a month!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ahead of myself: Week 28 July 9th 2007

No swimming this week because I'm on the 'Mom's Trip' in Marin. It's a Sierra Club outing -- hiking and painting. I'll try to fit in the following workouts.

Monday: Bike 1:15-1:30 Z2 with 6x2m hills z4/5
Tuesday: Run 50m w/ 3x5m z4/5 with 1 min jog rest btwn
Wednesday: Run 2 hrs z1/2
Thursday: Bike 1:30 z2
Friday: Run 50m z2
Saturday: drive back from Marin
Sunday: Bike 3:30-4:00 z2 w/ Run 30m Z2 after

Week 27 July 2nd 2007

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Swim 1750 yds
Wednesday: Bike 1:15 Z2 w/ 10 min Z4/5 then run 45 min with 1x6min Z4/5
Thursday: Bike 1:15 Z2 w/ 7 min Z3
Friday: Run 40min Z2, swim 2250
Saturday: Bike 2:15-2:30 Z2 with Run 60min Z2
Sunday: drive to Marin for Sierra Club trip

Monday, June 25, 2007

Week 26 June 25th 2007

I'm now 40yrs old....b-day was yesterday....PR for my birthday!

so on to this week:

Monday: REST

Tues: Planned: Run 50-55min incl 6x2min hills at Z3/4
Swim 2000yds
Actual: Ran a.m. Could feel it in my quads by the end. Ran w/ socks for the first time in awhile b/c of blister on top of foot from Breath of Life.
Swam at lunch time 2000yds.

Wed: Planned: Bike 1:15-1:30 Z2 w/ 6x3min hills at Z3/4 (will do hilly course)
Did I do something Wed? My brain is fried.

Thurs: Planned: Run 50min Z2
Swim 2750yds
Actual: 1 hr easy bike

Fri: Planned: Bike 1:30 Z2 steady
Actual: Nada post-birthday dinner bash Thurs night

Sat: Planned: Run 2hr Z2
Swim 2200yds
Actual: Run 2 hr Z2

Sun: Planned: Bike 3:30hr Z2, Run 20min Z2 brick
Actual: Bike 3:40, 47 miles; swam about 500-600 yds ocean before bike: splashed around after biking.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Week 25 June 18th 2007

Monday: REST

Planned: #1 S-2000MS=1250
B - 1:30-1:45 L2Include:1x10m L3
Actual: missed the swim; did Wed run R-50m(T) Include3x5m @ L3/4@ 2m jog rest

Planned: R-50m(T) Include3x5m @ L3/4@ 2m jog rest
Actual: B - 1:30 L2 Include:1x10m L3

Planned: #2 S-2600MS=1800
B-1:15-1:30L2(T) Include1x20m@L3/4
Actual: did Fri run R-50m L2Include:1x10m L3near end of run & swam ~1300 yds (warm up 400, 300, 2x150, 2x100, 100 cooldown)

Planned: R-50m L2Include:1x10m L3near end ofrun
Actual: played around on my bike for about 25 min on my lunch hour

Planned: #3 S-2000MS = 1400#1 S-2000MS=1250
Actual: We rode about 1:40 to Hawthorne & back. Easy ride.

Sun: Breath of Life Sprint: 1:31:44 PR!!!!