Monday, June 25, 2007

Week 26 June 25th 2007

I'm now 40yrs old....b-day was yesterday....PR for my birthday!

so on to this week:

Monday: REST

Tues: Planned: Run 50-55min incl 6x2min hills at Z3/4
Swim 2000yds
Actual: Ran a.m. Could feel it in my quads by the end. Ran w/ socks for the first time in awhile b/c of blister on top of foot from Breath of Life.
Swam at lunch time 2000yds.

Wed: Planned: Bike 1:15-1:30 Z2 w/ 6x3min hills at Z3/4 (will do hilly course)
Did I do something Wed? My brain is fried.

Thurs: Planned: Run 50min Z2
Swim 2750yds
Actual: 1 hr easy bike

Fri: Planned: Bike 1:30 Z2 steady
Actual: Nada post-birthday dinner bash Thurs night

Sat: Planned: Run 2hr Z2
Swim 2200yds
Actual: Run 2 hr Z2

Sun: Planned: Bike 3:30hr Z2, Run 20min Z2 brick
Actual: Bike 3:40, 47 miles; swam about 500-600 yds ocean before bike: splashed around after biking.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Week 25 June 18th 2007

Monday: REST

Planned: #1 S-2000MS=1250
B - 1:30-1:45 L2Include:1x10m L3
Actual: missed the swim; did Wed run R-50m(T) Include3x5m @ L3/4@ 2m jog rest

Planned: R-50m(T) Include3x5m @ L3/4@ 2m jog rest
Actual: B - 1:30 L2 Include:1x10m L3

Planned: #2 S-2600MS=1800
B-1:15-1:30L2(T) Include1x20m@L3/4
Actual: did Fri run R-50m L2Include:1x10m L3near end of run & swam ~1300 yds (warm up 400, 300, 2x150, 2x100, 100 cooldown)

Planned: R-50m L2Include:1x10m L3near end ofrun
Actual: played around on my bike for about 25 min on my lunch hour

Planned: #3 S-2000MS = 1400#1 S-2000MS=1250
Actual: We rode about 1:40 to Hawthorne & back. Easy ride.

Sun: Breath of Life Sprint: 1:31:44 PR!!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Zoning out

TriVortex had a question re: zones. Here's what I use:

Running: based on my 3x 1 mile repeat run test

Zone 1/Easy 117-151
Zone 2/Aerobic 152-164
Zone 3/Tempo 165-171
Zone 4/sub-AT 172-179
Zone 5/LT 180-189

I easily get into Zone 5 running up the steeper hills especially if I'm trying to push it.

Cycling: based on my 3x 3 mile repeat cycling test

Zone 1/Easy 109-136
Zone 2/Aerobic 137-148
Zone 3/Tempo 149-156
Zone 4/sub-AT 157-167
Zone 5/LT 168-178

I get higher than the upper limit of zone 5 on the really steep hills.

Week 24 June 11 2007

slow run 1:10
swim 1700 yds

Tues rest

bike 57 min including hill repeats. Was supposed to ride longer but I overestimated how long the hill repeats would truly take.

planned: 50 min zone 3 run including 5x2min hill repeats in zone 3/4.
Actual 55:46/ 4 miles
planned: 2400 yards swim (main set 1600, rest is warm up, drills, cool down): missed

planned: 1:30 zone 2 bike :50 zone 2 run
Actual 1:36 bike/ 22.9 miles, run 45:06/ 3 miles

planned: 3:00 zone 2 bike :20 zone 2 run
actual: did my 1:50 zone 2 run. Knees a little achy but did 8.3 miles, did a good job keeping my HR where it was supposed to be.

planned: 1:50 zone 2 run
Actual: about 1:30 zone 2 bike; my chain BROKE just after our turnaround at about 21.5 miles. Dave rode like hell for the car and I managed to walk barefoot about 4 miles back towards the car until Dave & I met up. I'll have to post about this.
1 mile ocean swim: missed

Posting weekly plans

I think what will work best is if I post my planned schedule for the week and update it with what I actually did as actual posts. I don't want to continuously mess with template which is what I'd have to do to keep it in the sidebar. With the exception of my swim workouts most of the plan is based on duration, not distance, so I'll list biking and running distances once I've done the workout.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

On my own again....the coaching thing didn't work out as well as planned, though I did get a tremendous amount of help from it.

Mel has the Half Vineman training schedule and I'm going to pick up at the appropriate week on that -- it should mesh fairly well with what I was doing. So I'm back to logging on this blog and on my Polar software. I'll try to post weekly goals and totals.

Dave and I went to a Phase IV lecture last week by their nutritionist and were pretty impressed. We're toying with the idea of signing up for a package with them in the fall/start of base for 2008.

Can you justify getting coaches, lactate testing etc if you're a back of packer wanting to get better? If truly, triathlon is not an end in itself but (merely) the method through which you are trying to improve your health and fitness? For that matter, why does it make a difference to me whether I consider myself training for the season with a goal to peak at my 'A' race as opposed to simply crosstraining?

I starting doing triathlon to become more fit for SCUBA diving. I've now put far more time in training for triathlons than I have diving. In fact, I've been diving less BECAUSE I've been training for triathlons.

But I am a lot more fit, a lot thinner (I doubt my old diving wetsuits will even fit) and a MUCH better swimmer.

I mean, I now have a Zone 1 running pace. Three years ago that pace would've jacked up my heartrate to zone 4/5. This constantly amazes me, though it shouldn't; I've been working out fairly consistently now since spring 2005. So it's not like it was a quick fix. And it's not like I don't still have a long way to go.

I'm 37# lighter than my max and 15-25 away from my goal....and put it this way, I'll still be an Athena, at least for most races.

Clothing-wise, I have a few holdouts from my previous wardrobe (some sweaters that droop on me) but I've had to buy new clothes for the most part. I've gone down a size or two in scrubs -- I do like them baggy but only to a point! I need to go through the whole process of buying some more jeans, because I can pull off the ones I bought 10# ago without unbuttoning them. (And my friend who just visited from Texas said they were baggy around my butt. What are friends for?!)

And, of course, I've even had to replace my tri uniforms.