Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again -- Sort of

Dave and I went for a short but hilly ride today, from our house to & around the PV golf course and back. Tired, grumpy, and just wanting to get home as directly as I could, I foolishly decided to brave 190th Street, rather than snake around through some other streets to find a different way back up to our house.

Note that the hill portion of 190th up to our street has a 14% grade.

After getting about 3/4 up bad things started happening (almost falling, hyperventilating, walking the rest of the way til it was flat enough I could actually get clipped in and pedal without falling, etc). The highlight was when we were trying to cross the intersection at a crosswalk and I couldn't get clipped in, and I was worried about the car behind me trying to make a right turn, and I was VERY FRUSTRATED and I yelled a string of expletives (in my "Army" voice, mind you) that I really ought not to reprint here.

I also yelled at Dave (I've forgotten exactly what I said, something along the lines 'I'm never listening to you again when you tell me to use the crosswalk').

At that moment, I also really, truly empathized with Mel and her dislike of swimming, with me feeling the same way about bicycling, and I wanted to fling my bike to the ground; except then I felt guilty towards Rocket Bike, which doesn't deserve the abuse, and which I truly do love especially when I get to swoop down a long gentle downhill.

Note I apologized to my bike before I did to Dave -- which, yes, I did do, once we met back at our garage.

(In my defense I will say that I've only done I think one small bike ride since the Solvang debacle. And we ran Thursday, Friday AND Saturday, the latter being a modification of the medium nasty hill loop. However, I think I need to review my tattoo post, especially the 'whiny wuss' part.)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Carlsbad Half

Good news: I PR'd.

Bad news: My achilles tendon (left) and knees (especially right) slowed me down to a walk the last couple miles. Today, my achilles tendons (yes, both) are twinging only a little (but I've not tried to do anything more than walk). Curiously (because it didn't hurt during the run), my left knee (directly over the patella) really aches, and my right knee is not too thrilled. (Muscle-wise I feel pretty much ok.)

I would've PR'd by A LOT MORE if I hadn't hurt myself.

More and longer long slow distance runs would've toughened my ligaments and tendons (at least, this I believe).

I was reviewing all my half & full marathon times this morning. Here's the summary:

March 2001 Los Angeles Marathon with Team in Training. Planned on walking it, ending up with a negative split because alternating running and walking hurt less than just walking. Time: 6:42:59

February 2003 Pacific Shoreline Half Marathon. My first real introduction to chocolate gels. How I loved the people at mile 8 handing them out! Time: 3:07:44

June 2003 San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon. Two and a half years later I'd forgotten how painful a marathon can be. Time: 6:38:23

October 2003 Long Beach Half Marathon. Did this with my at-the-time boss who kicked my ass. Time: 3:03:57

February 2004 Pacific Shoreline Half Marathon. Time: 3:06:17

Spring 2004 Great Race of Agoura Half Marathon. Half road, half trail. I ended up with bloody Achilles tendons (well, the skin over them was raw), grossing out lots of people. I wore too short of socks and the backs of my shoes rubbed. A lot. Time: 3:27:00

January 2006 Carlsbad Half.
My first time breaking 3 hours. Time 2:54:09

January 2007 Carlsbad Half.
Time 2:49:52

Friday, January 19, 2007

Musing on the Tattoos

Very few people really know who I am in LA Tri Club.

I mean, I'm fairly friendly, I always chat with people I've seen before, cheer on others in the uniform (Go LA!), help out/volunteer occasionally, etc.

I've won some pretty cool stuff (carbon fiber clip on aerobars! $250 'race rewards' check just for finishing races as a LA Tri Club member!) and, given my tendency to shriek girlishly (and loudly) in excitement, well, people have remembered me for that.

However, as a back of packer, well, as nice as everyone is, I'm definitely nowhere near the 'in-crowd' of the club.

I'm thinking that something's going to change this season.

Nope, I'm not going to become part of the in-crowd.

But I'm now going to be notorious for my tats.

There's no hiding them while wearing a LA Tri Club shimmel.

Yes, I could hide them with a dri-fit t-shirt or a bike jersey, but I run hot (I've always tolerated cold better than heat) and I wear as little as I can get away with (I happen to lack much body consciousness, even if that'd be kinder to those around me, and tend to go for comfort over misplaced modesty) -- i.e., tri shorts and a shimmel with a built-in bra.

I can't hide under the anonymity of a baseball cap (as Mel pointed out) anymore.

Everyone, after a race or two, is going to know who I am.

How's THAT for impetus to get better and faster and not be a whiny wuss????

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Excuse for not swimming!

This time it's on my upper left arm. Pat Fish of Lucky Fish designed and inked it. Isn't it gorgeous??? I love my kitties but this puts them to shame almost.

No swimming til it's healed -- not that I've been swimming anyway.

Feb 12th I'm getting the color done on it, so basically, I'm out of the water til March.

More time to run and bike.

The Carlsbad 1/2 is this weekend. It's a nice course, a there-and-back with little rollers along the coast, with a nice downhill at the end.

I should do better this year.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Training plans

I'm trying to figure out a training plan for the year. Has anyone used Friel's book and wants to comment? I want to be a little more focused, less haphazard. I found the training schedule templates online here (thanks! saved me from writing them up myself).

I'd rather learn how to do this myself rather than just get another generic online coaching plan (even one geared to a specific race; I still have one for Wildflower for example); and I can't justify (nor do I want to spend) the $ on a real live in person coach.

Online coaching? Melanie's experience with her online coach was mixed.

He did come up with a highly tailored A-race(s) oriented plan, with workouts based on her schedule and available training hours. The workouts were very specific. Tempo runs. Intervals. Hill workouts (both bike and run). Bike intervals just using one leg. Swim drills. Zone 3. Zone 4. Zone 5 (ACK!). The minutes in each. You needed the multi-page attachment detailing the workouts to decipher the cryptic abbreviations on the calendar days themselves. Plans like that make you feel like a triathlete in training even if you are a back of packer.

However, he was not very reachable (via email or phone) nor did he consistently check in on her (phone or email), or respond to her questions in a timely manner, all things which were supposed to be part of her coaching packet (and part of why it was expensive). So, I'm a little leary of online coaching as well (yes, I know that is only one example, hardly scientific proof).

I'm sure though I'll use some of the workouts plugged into my overall plan, or at least use them as a template for certain types of workouts.

After I decide on my A, B and C races; after I do my year plan, break it into its certain parts; after I start plugging in workouts for each week; then I'll post it here and do like Nancy does -- post how well I'm doing each week.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Well, yesterday I got a reminder why basic nutrition is critical.

Friday night I just wasn't hungry. Skipped dinner. Early Saturday morning I ate little for breakfast.

Then we tried to go do a nice, slow long run late morning. The goal was 8 miles.

Total bonk.

As Mel pointed out, I still burned calories.

And Dave and I had a lovely walk.